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Granddads For Acorns Bike Ride To Newcastle
1 January 2006
Day 6


Well, the time had eventually arrived, the last leg.

A nice short ride through Newcastle show off the Acorns Tops and in some cases those spindly little knees,

Not a problem.

So, it was up late slowly prepare, pack the bags to enable us to change at the ground into our full Warriors support regalia.

What a fine bunch of OLD soldiers


Off we went at a gentle pace with Captain Frank in the lead with his trusty Connaught's Van.

Can we be sure Sat Nav will get us there or will we end up in Cheshire.

The nationally famous statue, "The Angel of the North" was visited and past.

A great viewpoint looking down on her and across to the other side of the valley


It was a matter of grit your teeth and peddle.

Steve can be seen here giving it his all as he climbs the 7th hill of the day. If you could here him swear you would certailnlt believe he had a seafaring background.

We had prewarned all the local children to keep out of the way until he had passed just in case yjey got hit by one of his flying toys


After about 45 minutes we reached the Tyne Bridge. We were getting closer to the finish every second.

An innocent passer by was collared and asked to take a photo of tyhe men in red.

Not a problem he said but I cannot see the screen never mind you lot.

Just take the picture he was advised in p0lite terms.

They came out quite well.

The traffic on this little bridge is steady very stead


I say chaps how bad did we feel 3 maybe 2 days ago, what's that sign over there?

At this point Steve decided to cross the bridge and take a photo of the "other" Bridge.

Took him nearly 15 minutes to get back over the road during which time we had lost the rest of the team


Don't Despair it states.

We never gave it a thought, determination and the will to finish that's all we need.

Off we go again

Too fast as we are within 3 miles and it wasn't even 12:00



Off we went to Morrisons a sit down and a hot drink whilst we wait for the clock to tick over.

No use getting there too soon as the Worcester and Newcastle Supporters would not be there.

Having hidden "Lucky's" saddle the team sat and watched as like a headless chicken and spitting more than feathers he stormed around demanding Where's my Bloody saddle boys.

Had to give it to him, can you imagine cycling 3 miles on a seat post


The smiles were strting to appear now, the journey was very nearly done.

We could smell the beer, the bacon sandwiches waiting in the hide-away.

There it is boys I can see the stadium


The crowd roared, the cars tooted their horns and the Silly Old Fools had arrived at Kingston Park


What was it all for?

Jack and his friends it what it is all for.

Jack was there to meet us and cheer us in, the first thing was to get him on a bike and give him a big hug and a cheer.

Well done Jack, keep going we are all here for you and your mum.

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  We were all here in one piece, We had made it to the game and I can tell you on behalf of every one of us it was tough, very tough.

The whole team together outside the gate to Kingston Park.


Poor old Frank had missed the arrival as he had had to park up the van.


Without Frank we would never have made it

  It was such a good game for Worcester that the whole of Johnny Wilkinson's speech was about Worcester

It was off to the chioneses for our final meal together.

The food was excellent but the company was frantastic.

The team had achieved what some believed stupid, mad and not do-able.

But we did guys we did IT!!!

  We were joined by two devoted Warriors Supporters Darren and Tracy Birch
"Happy Man"
  The Twins!



"Canal Man"
The Joker

  To summarise:
  • Cycled 300 miles
  • Visited 7 counties
  • Took a swim in the canal
  • Broke a set of gears and a chain
  • Had Sat Nav Stolen
  • Ridden in a blizzard
  • Freezing cold winds agains us
  • Eaten some great meals
  • Had a lost of beer (and wine)
  • Achieved our aim

Thanks to:

  • Travel Lodge
  • Connaught plc.
  • Newcastle Supporters Club
  • Newcastle Rugby Club
  • Warriors Supporters Club
  • Ben Gotting and Gavin Quinnell
  • Steve1888, Monkey1, Andy (Ticket Manager)
  • Chairman of Newcastle Supporters Club
  • All the bucket Collectors
  • Anyone else I may have missed off


Please remember WHY we did this

To Help Acorns Children's Hospice provide respite care for children and their parents in

Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and West Midlands

Three Cheers for Jack and his MUM!!!



2 Months Later Money Collected for Acorns Hospice

Well Done to everyone and a massive thanks for all your generous donations