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Granddads For Acorns Bike Ride To Newcastle
1 January 2006
Day 5


The Penultimate Leg!

All looked good we had had a fantastic breakfast at the Little Chef, JP digging into and devouring an Olympic breakfast.

It worked because hw was off and leading just like an Olympian


And there it was gone!

And didn't he enjoy that


A big thanks to all the staff at Little Chef who provided all the drinks and toast we wanted free of charge

Thank you a great team you have there at Scotch Corner


It didn't take Martin long to find a large stretch of water. Luckily we had him tied down or who knows where he may have ended up

Looks in fine shape even after 280 miles


The day did not start well as the witch in the sat nav sent us hareing down the hill to the very bottom.

Then to be told "turn right at the next junction" (and go back up you silly old sods).

The first section was fairly flat as "Lucky" took off like a man possesed. There was no stopping him  as he relived all he old military exploits around Catterick garrison and surrounding area


It was a jolly old day, quite warm in comparison to what we had gone through, dry and windless.

It was all exciting stuff with the thought of an easy day today only 40miles no problem for the "G" Team.

I believe Steve was heard to say isn't life just fantastic!



We had Graham who was practicing his landing and take offs



With Steve doing a credible imitation of Eddy the Eagle and his aerodynamic flights through the air



All was well with the worls, slight undulating terrain a view to die for and out cycling with some good friends.

Raising much needed funds for
The children of Worcester



It was even contemplated to transfer our accommodation to the "Castle"


Great looking building but I bet you can't get a full Olympic Breakfast for £7.99



What could go wrong?

Would it snow - no not a chance

Would it blow up a hurricane - nope again.

Sat Nav was working and we were nearly home.

The first 15 miles just flew past.

Then it happened!

The Dales


Hill after Hill and another damned hill.

Steep hills, long hills, winding hills.

This was back to day 2 all over again but without the wind (lucky us)

Steve soon reverted to the tried and tested way of getting up the hil - WALK UP!!

Going up one hill was almost impossible to walk up for the normal human. However we had Graham and Canal Man who cycled up every hill no matter how difficult



Finally he top of the latest big one is reached and refreshments are called for.

Frank has the hot drinks ready, without Frank we would be in a real mess he has done a fantastic job so far even if sometimes the elctronic support has not been too good.

JP dons his warriors scarf and jacket and still looks a plonker

Someone needs to take him seriously in hand!!



Come on you have to admire his courage to cycle the length of the country with a hat like that!


Here we have Graham exhibiting a gift from his kids.


"These will get you to the top of any Hill"

I can confirm that they did kids worked wonders


It was now flat out for the finish as we hit some great roads .

The last 6 miles we absolutely screamed along at almost 18 mph.

The traffic was building as we neared Chester le Street.

Not a chance of taking any photographs here, it was head down and lets get this over with QUICK


Another two little friends, shoulder to shoulder in times of adversity and th fact we were chin strapped and well behind the two human dynamos.

Was it all going to end in tears??


We were in Washington and could smell the coffee warming in the pot then suddenly the Witch took over again.

SAT-NAV don't you just love it.

Took us up and around every road in a residential housing estate and then saying address not accessible by bikes.

Well you can guess the reaction after 40 miles of hard cycling.

We were all screaming at Frank, what have you done now, come on get a grip I am knackered and want a bath


We went up one road and then another. We could see te motorway, smell it but we could nat get to it!

It was all too much for Steve as he plonked himself down and just lit up like a Christmas Tree.

However he had become a favorite with many local children with all the toys he had thrown out of his pram.

There has to be a way, phone them up Frank, he did and they sent us in a completely different direction


That's it Steve had has enough, "Frank I am off can't wait any longer I'll find it myself"

"Lucky" went with hime to make sure he did not get lost completely.

We found the motorway, there is the travel Lodge on the other side. Over the bridge - no its not there its back on the original side, so back over the bridge again.

As we arrived Frank appeared and calmly asked "What kept you guys?"


Made it!
Next Stop Newcastle!




Let us not forget why we are doing this.

Above is Jack a young man from Worcester who travels the length and breadth of the country supporting The Warriors. He has travelled up today to meet the Granddads and thank them for all their efforts. He has driven his mum mad by asking to have the web site daily updates read to him every few minutes. His question to his his mum has been how many more sleep times before I go to Newcastle

We demonstrated to jack how we got the pictures onto the internet and gave him a few lessons on website design and management. He is a very astute young man with a great memory.

Jack will be at the ground on Sunday with his bucket, please go along and speak with him he is a fantastic little chap


Finally Canal man gets his curry

Just 17 miles to go and it will all be over