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Granddads For Acorns Bike Ride To Newcastle
1 January 2006
Day 4





Day 4 the day we had all been dreading.

After days 2 which was incredibly hard going, Day 3 which was freezing cold and snowing, Day 4 was @70 miles if you did not get lost.

The longest day of all and we were all feeling very tired and sore before we even sat on that saddle.

Great news we had a new Sat Nac delivered direct to Travel Lodge at Pontefract, so we were really back in shape (Or were we)


The day started fast!

For the first time we had no wind of any sort and the route looked comparatively flat.

As Frank stayed back to fit the Sat Nav the rest of us set off.

Problem 1 how on earth do you get onto the A1? It seemed that all routes were so convoluted for bikes we were going to be in trouble.

However "Lucky" cam to the rescue, throw your bikes over the barrier and just fall after them, should get away with that


It worked and no one reported us so off we went straight up the A1 with 60ton trucks screaming past within inches of the wheels. No time for photographs here, just get going as fast as you can.

It was a slick road and we really set some times averaging over 16mph for the first 1.5hrs.

Now we had to come off as it became the A1(M) or did it.

Sat Nav took us off and into a village then round it in one direction and then back again in the other direction - LOST!!


Aha we found the Wetherby Cycle Route - we will follow that and meet Frank at the Wetherby roundabout.

Cycle route, it was 18" wide full of crap and then became just a mud track.

"Lucky" had had enough he was over the barrier again and straight down the A1

Now "Lucky" is not fast but he ended up at Wetherby 30 minutes before the others who arrived covered in mud and pretty unhappy


However after a nice hot drink prepared by Frank it was all smiles again and back on your bikes.

The route was still fairly flat and we were making incredible time.

Through Wetherby and up the A317.

Looked like we had to go back on the A1 again and after a small mutiny peace was restored and we went the safe route

The RIGHT decision, the road and scenery was fantastic all the way to Northallerton


Back to Sat Nav support and off we went again around Northalerton in every direction you could thinks of

Frank, switch the bitch off cam the cry. She was getting a real pain the ass as were the saddles. Has anyone ever invented a comfortable saddle?

As you can see martin was starting to feel the pain as the pace setter.

Without his efforts we would be miles back

Thanks Martin you sadist!!


How Graham could continue to smile when we were all in agony and shattered was an amazing feat

The hills had reappeared.

The last 20 miles was going to be tough.

As they say when the going gets tough "Lucky" buggers off. No joking really as we all set off in high spirits for the last 20 miles


No more photos now as the work was tough

Here we see smiler Beech coming over the crest of the last hill of the day



Steve has agreed that there is more than one way to get to the top of these hills.

After cycling for 70 miles walking is just as hard I can assure you your legs just don't work properly



Is this the face of a shattered man.

Or is it naturally like this

Ben, over to you


Martin what on earth are you doing now??

At least we can see the direction of flow.

Lucky you still have some fluids left in you

70 Miles completed and onlt 57 to go YIPPEEEEEEE

Off for a meal and a pint might have some piccies later




Well it is nice to see such a nice couple Taking a day out together on a bike.

Graham keeps goats and has another friend who hunts Rogering Bears

  I was told to make sure I wore a helmet!!

Now I either freeze or look like some numpty on a bike, guess the numpty won.

  Our glorious host after Day 4.

Dineen Douglas was an outstanding example of what customer service is all about.

Travel lodge staff have been fantastic and a real credit to their company


So that's what an angry bear looks like.

What a frightening site to beold as JP is caught just after taking 9,000 winks.

Still "Lucky" at least it looks like it was washed in Persil!


  The Team take some well earned food and drink.

If you did not believe they were real old Ba****ds take a look at this lot

A total of 296 years between them and looking like they have lived everyone of them in the last 4 days


Old Smoothie?

Looking good for 75 though don't you think


Even Frank was seen to laugh at one of "Lucky's" jokes.

A great night and some more donations in the pub.

We have just heard that the young man joining us for the last day is driving his parents mad to get up here and join in.

A reminder who we are doing this for