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Granddads For Acorns Bike Ride To Newcastle
1 January 2006
Day 3


Day 3 began with a hearty meal in the Travel Lodge, if that is not a contradiction words.

However Steve, Graham and Martin popped across to the hot sandwich store and brought back some huge Bacon and sausage half logs.

We even bought some of the take-away breakfasts to have on route.

We have to stop chatting up the managers of these lodges, they have been excellent but have refused point blank to provide massages.



Here we go again with our two "little friends" as they go past hand in hand.

Started off even colder than the day before with freezing rain falling and black ice all over the road.

The first 2 miles was straight up but we all managed to get up there without walking.

Early days though and "lucky's" legs were not looking good.


The happy smiling face of Frank as he drives the support vehicle backwards and forwards looking after our every whim.

What happened to the 6ft blonde booked last night we still haven't fathomed but Frank had a mile wide grin all day.

Without Frank and his patience this ride could nat have been undertaken he was fantastic!!


As you can see from the photo it was very cold indeed -4 and snow constantly falling.

Riding across the top of The Peak District did not help either.

At least we could add layers as we had all come well prepared.

The smiles are still there!!


You always have to get one show off.

Steve donned the snow magnet jacket and tried to look like the mad snowman.

Most of it had fallen off by this stage

He never once complained and kept up a great sense of humour all day


Once again our two "Little Friends" are reunited and don't they look a picture


It was now concentrate and get the job done

We were making fantastic time as it was fairly flat and best of all very little wind.

But it was getting hard, very hard as we passed the halfway stage


Frank we are not on a fishing expedition and you have never caught one that big.

Franks was having a ball



Big steve came racing around the corners and nearly missed the turn.

Might be grey skies but he is still smiling or is that a grimace


Lucky for the first time in three days manages to get to the stop first.

To get to the top of this hill took almost 30 minutes it was 3 miles straight up.

It was that steep there were ridges in the road all the way up for the trucks and cars to grip onto



Finally the day was complete and I can honestly say we are all absolutely chin-strapped!!

BUT, I suppose we will find the energy for a pint or two

Day four coming up