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Granddads For Acorns Bike Ride To Newcastle
1 January 2006
Day 2





Well day 2 got underway as day 1 finished and "Luck" strikes again

Off he goes to test out his trusty steed and guess what?

The gears don't work!!

Pretty convenient don't you think?

We have no Sat Nav and the whole route was programmed in, so it was back to good old maps and pens.

This delayed our start by an hour


John and Frank zoom hot foot to Halfords. Unfortunately there are no engineers on duty!

The staff find a specialist bike shop in Derby for us to try. So, straight up to Derby where we find and incredible shop SAMWAYS.

If you can't find what you want for a bike here you won't find it anywhere.

They have a look at the bike AND wait for it...... the gears are as knackered as JP - worn out


They have the parts and say they can fix it all up, have a coffee it will take about 30 minutes

30 Minutes later JP has his bike with a complete set of brand new gears.

That should stop him skiving


Frank and JP hotfoot to Swadlingcote Frank giving "lucky" the order of the boot.

Out you go my boy -1degree Celsius and a howling NE Wind that should sort him out.


I can tell you it was bitter cold out there even with 19 layers on and hat 2 feet above his head


What a happy smiling bunch of Silly old fools. How on earth can you smile like that in freezing cold weather. The team did and great credit to them.

the win was against us all the way today, at one stage on quite a steep downhill stretch when you stopped pedalling you went backwards it was horrendous out there.

one phrase from Steve Gotting kept us all going,

"just remember who this is for"



It was almost time to get back on the bikes and up "Them Thar Hills"

I can assure you it is called the peak district for very good reason the things are everywhere.

I have not really kept myself fit over the last 5 years but today was very very hard, the hills were steep and then wind was cold.

No more pictures as the effort and light disappeared very quickly after 16:30.

We finally finished the leg at 17:30


After 8 and a half hours on the bike we were all very very sore but we were another 60 odd miles nearer to Newcastle.

Unfortunately Graham has inflicted some tender damage having split part of his nether regions. oh my god it did look sore, so Martin told us.

We are all a little bit worried about the closeness of our two pocket dynamos.



As you can see men really can multitask as Steve stuffs in the grub and continues his conversation. Mind you it was with Ben???

The food tonight was hot and very tasty.

The wine and beer flowed, well at least two drinks before we all started to fall asleep at the table

The mulled wine was good!


As can be seen by the smiles and exhausted looks fatigue and pleasure are not very far apart

It was off to bed and hope that Frank's newly ordered Sat Nav appears before breakfast.

Hot bacon and egg sandwiches not what the conditioning coach would recommend but at our age who actually cares as long as it tastes good